Process satellite data in the cloud at maximum efficiency


Which is the problem?

The European Union program Copernicus produces and makes available 12 terabytes of satellite data in the cloud every day. These data lay the foundation for numerous business opportunities in sectors such as urban planning, agriculture, tourism, and transport.

Multiple Cloud Providers offer computing resources with immediate access to this data but identifying and configuring the most convenient computing resources to achieve your goals is both complex and time-consuming.

What is XClouder?

It is a tool that simplifies and makes more efficient the execution on the cloud of applications that rely on the processing of satellite data. XClouder automatically performs the provisioning of computing resources from different Cloud Providers, fetches the satellite data, and runs your application on the most cost-effective configuration that satisfies your time constraints.



Simplify access to the cloud

Automatically provision and configure cloud computing resources, reducing the need for specialized personnel and the time required to go online.

Save on computing resources

Select from multiple Cloud Providers the computing resources that allow you to complete your application at the lowest cost within the specified time constraints.


Automated access to satellite data

XClouder automatically retrieves satellite data in the most efficient way for the specific Cloud Provider, minimizing setup times.

Support your growth

Automatically scale your computing resources without any intervention as the size of the processed data or the volume of requests grows.


How does it work?

1. Upload your application.
2. Choose the satellite data of interest.
3. Define your time constraints.
4. Run your application in the cloud with one click.

Main supported Cloud Providers

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