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The era of the cloud

Migrating to cloud environments is not a question of if, but of when, and more importantly, of how. Cloud Computing is one of the great opportunities of our time, and it can be a huge competitive advantage for your business.

Lockless supports you in the cloud migration of your IT infrastructure or in the optimization of your current architecture. Our methodology is based on different levels of intervention, allowing us to adapt the modalities of our support to your needs.



Cost reduction

Eliminate completely the costs of installation and maintenance of a physical infrastructure and pay only for the resources you need.


Immediate provisioning

Get immediate access to the computing and storage resources needed for your applications, and deploy your services in a matter of hours.



Use only the hardware strictly necessary for your applications and allow the cloud to dynamically allocate new resources as the load changes.


Quality of service

Improve the user experience of your services by ensuring maximum stability and speed by using tools for monitoring and managing the health of your systems.


Fault tolerance

Easily integrate disaster recovery solutions to become able to quickly restore the status of your applications in case of failures and ensure continuity of service.



Take advantage of the solutions offered natively by Cloud Providers to improve the security of your applications, and become compliant to current regulations with minimal effort.

Tailored for you

We define the cloud architecture best suited for your business based on your needs and spending capacity. The level of maturity of the proposed solution does not depend solely on your budget but also considers the time required for the transition, the level of experience of your operations team and your specific needs in terms of maintenance and evolution.



We help you quickly migrate to a cloud solution by replicating the software stack used on your on-premise infrastructure. In this way you can quickly reduce the costs of a physical infrastructure, while maintaining a classic setting for your application.


We support you in the evolution of your architecture towards a container-based approach, allowing you to experience the flexibility offered by Cloud Computing. Containerization allows you to take advantage of dynamic resource allocation, use DevOps tools and increase the reliability of your IT services.



We restructure your application and your processes to allow you to fully exploit the potential of the cloud. We maximize the scalability, maintainability and reliability of your IT infrastructure through the transition to a micro-service architecture and the use of container orchestrators (e.g. Kubernetes).

Why choose us?

Lockless has years of experience in developing innovative products in the field of Cloud Computing such as XClouder and ROOT-Sim and has supported multiple public and private entities in the migration to the cloud. Our team has a strong background in research and is mostly composed by PhDs in Computer Science specialized in Cloud Computing and in the optimization of computing resources.

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About us

Lockless is an innovative startup focused on high-profile IT consulting and research and development for public and private entities. We have multiple years of experience in successfully applying the results and methodologies of scientific research to the industry in areas such as Cloud Computing, High Performance Computing, Cyber Security, and simulation.

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