Performance Assessment

Optimize the performance and the utilization of resources of your IT services


Why is it important?

A 2019 study from App Dynamics states that 86% of users have stopped using an application or service at least once due to performance issues.

In this context, offering an adequate level of performance is essential to provide a satisfying experience for your users and gain a competitive advantage in a constantly evolving market.

What we do

We help you identify the performance bottlenecks of your system through a 360° analysis of all the components of your IT infrastructure. Based on this analysis, we define a roadmap of changes that allow you to optimize the performance and scalability of your applications, both immediately and in the long term.

1. Architectural study of your application.
2. Resource usage analysis
3. Static analysis of the source code.
4. Definition of a roadmap of changes.

Full-stack intervention

A bottleneck on a single software component can negatively impact the performance of the entire system . For this reason, our methodology involves an extensive analysis of the software at every layer to identify any possible source of inefficiencies.


Application software

The ineffective use of shared resources and the improper management of concurrency, either at the language, framework, or library level, are among the main causes of inefficiencies.



It is essential to structure data and manage transactions correctly in order to effectively manage the growing needs of data collection and processing.


Operating system

An inadequate configuration at the operating system or virtualization level can lead to general slowdowns that might hamper the performance of all software components.



The communication patterns between the different components of a micro-service system, or problems associated to the load sharing between multiple instances, can cause bottlenecks at the architectural level.

Why choose us?

Lockless has years of experience in optimizing the performance and scalability of systems of different scales and types belonging to both the public and the private sector. Our team has a strong background in the field of High-Performance Computing and is mostly composed by PhDs in Computer Science specialized in the performance optimization of computing systems.

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About us

Lockless is an innovative startup focused on high-profile IT consulting and research and development for public and private entities. We have multiple years of experience in successfully applying the results and methodologies of scientific research to the industry in areas such as High Performance Computing, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, and simulation.

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