Predict the outcome of your decisions and identify the best strategy


The support for your decisions

Making informed choices in contexts characterized by multiple variables is often complex. A viable solution to this problem is the use of analysis tools that predict the outcome of your decisions.

ROOT-Sim is the fastest simulation platform that allows you to perform the what-if analysis of complex scenarios, allowing you to identify the most effective strategy to achieve your goals.

What is the what-if analysis?

It is a predictive analysis technique based on modeling that allows you to simulate the behavior of a system in different scenarios depending on the values of the input parameters.

How is it useful?


Make informed decisions

Increase the impact of your choices by predicting their results in advance.


Simplify the decision making

Get assisted from the software to manage the complexity and correlations of your business.


Speed up your operations

Analyze all possible scenarios in a matter of minutes without losing time in field tests.



Reduce the costs of decision making by taking the most cost-effective strategy right away.

What is ROOT-Sim?

ROOT-Sim (the ROme OpTimistic Simulator) is an open-source optimistic discrete event simulation engine. It is the result of years of scientific research and is currently one of the most efficient and innovative simulation engine in the international landscape.



Born from the research results of the High Performance and Dependable Computing Systems group of the Sapienza and Tor Vergata Universities. It represents the state-of-the-art of parallel and distributed simulation.


It allows you to automatically scale the execution of sequential simulations on hundreds of multicore servers, allowing you to get accurate predictions in a very short time.



It offers a simple API-based interface that simplifies the development of simulation models. Furthermore, its high modularity makes it easily extendable with new features.

Main fields of application


Road traffic

Analyze how traffic is evolving and predict the effects of road interventions before putting them into action.


Evacuation plans

Strengthen your safety plans for the evacuation of public places and events, foreseeing the possible outcomes in the event of accidents.


Spread of epidemics

Predict the spread of viruses and bacteria and anticipate the effects of prevention techniques.


Resource management

Make the best use of the available resources by predicting the effectiveness of alternative allocations.


ROOT-Sim is supported by years of scientific research which led to the publication of multiple articles in international journals.

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