Disaster Recovery

Protect your business from unpredictable events


Why do I need it?

Unexpected events such as fires, earthquakes, cyber-attacks, or accidents caused by human error can have dramatic effects on your business as they can cause permanent loss of your data and prolonged failures of your IT services.

The adoption of an adequate Disaster Recovery Plan allows you to secure your organization, reducing the risk of data loss and minimizing the downtime of your applications.

What we do


1. Analysis

We analyze your architecture and define together your goals in terms of recovery time (RTO) and the interval between backups (RPO).


2. Design

We propose multiple Disaster Recovery Plans defined ad-hoc for your needs spanning different set-up and maintenance costs.


3. Implementation

We implement your Disaster Recovery site and formulate a Disaster Recovery Plan detailing the policies to be adopted in the event of a disaster.


4. Maintenance

We perform periodic recovery simulations of your IT infrastructure to make sure we are always ready to guarantee your continuity of service.

Why choose us?


Ad-hoc solutions

Through a detailed study of your infrastructure, we select ad-hoc solutions tailored for your needs. Often, small upgrades to your current systems can be more effective than expensive off-the-shelf products.

Optimization of resources

Commercial products must meet generic requirements, often causing an inefficient use of resources. By designing a tailor-made solution for you, we can minimize your operating costs while maintaining a high standard of service.


Disaster simulations

To assess the effectiveness of your Disaster Recovery Plan over time, we periodically simulate the occurrence of different disastrous events and carry out complete restorations of your infrastructure.

Expert team

Our team has a strong background in scientific research and is mostly composed by PhDs in Computer Science specialized in optimizing the reliability of computing systems, Cloud Computing and High-Performance Computing.


Our customers

About us

Lockless is an innovative startup focused on high-profile IT consulting and research and development for public and private entities. We have multiple years of experience in successfully applying the results and methodologies of scientific research to the industry in areas such as the reliability of computing systems, High Performance Computing, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, and simulation.

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