Design and development of an Autonomic Anomaly Forecasting System based on Machine Learning.

Year: 2016 – 2017
Project: Research and Development
Client: IRIANC


PANACEA has been a EU FP7 project to study and develop solutions for a proactive autonomic management system of cloud resources, based on a set of advanced machine-learning techniques and virtualization. By predicting anomalies (time to failure of cloud applications and DDoS attacks) before they occur, PANACEA was meant to enforce the following autonomic properties:

In this project, some members of Lockless S.r.l. have worked with the International Research Institute for Autonomic Network Computing (IRIANC). In particular, they have designed a framework which allowed to monitor in real time the state of Virtual Machines hosted on a large number of Cloud Resources. By means of prediction, load balancing, and traffic monitoring, the framework has been used to instradate clients' requests towards the less-bloated nodes, thus reducing the response time and increasing the responsiveness of (distributed) web-based applications.

The members of this project have been:

PANACEA Node Architecture