Ricerca e sviluppo nell'ambito del Sistema Integrato di sensori in ambiente cloud per la Gestione Multirischio Avanzata (SIGMA)

Year: 2013 – 2015
Project: Research and Development
Client: Italian Ministry of Research

SIGMA (Sistema Integrato di sensori in ambiente cloud per la Gestione Multirischio, Integrated Sensors System in Cloud Environments for Multirisk Management) is a multilevel architecture to collect, integrate, and process heterogeneous data coming from a large number of sensor networks (weather, seismic, vulcanic, hidric, traffic, naval, environmental, etc). Its goal is to enhance control and monitoring systems, as well as industrial production chains, to provide data useful to prevent and manage risk situations, thanks to services provided to citizens and companies, both public and private. The system has been designed to enable its usage in areas and situations which are critical and do not have normal communication infrastructures to transfer data collected from the sensor networks. In this project, memebers of Lockless S.r.l. have worked as researchers to study and realize a replication system for the collected data, enforcing a high availability of data in case of critical situations, which could lead as well to communication network partitions. Moreover, in the context of this collaboration, they have realized/integrated a data exchange system to allow the usage of the proposed architecture transparently with respect to the data format used by every producer (sensors in the networks) and the consumers (monitoring and emergency management applications).
PANACEA Node Architecture