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As a technological Start-up focused on scientific innovation, we strive for a continuous improvement, looking for that unexplored thing in science and technology. In this page we tell the story of our activities.

Successful Organization of ACM SIGSIM PADS 2018 International Conference · May 25, 2018

Lockless S.r.l. has been the local organizer of the ACM SIGSIM PADS 2018 International Conference pads, which has come this year to its 32-nd edition. The goal of the conference has been to let worldwide experts on simulation meet and discuss their latest results. The Conference, which has been held in Rome, has been successful, letting all attendees to present their latest scientific discoveries, related to the important topic of simulation. Lockless continues to invest...

Four Researc Papers Published · Mar 5, 2018

Lockless S.r.l. has recently worked on four research papers which have been accepted at two different venues: ICPE 2018 and SIGSIM PADS 2018. The papers address issues related to power efficiency in large-scale computing systems and high-performance computing on virtualized, distributed, and massively parallel computing environment. Lockless is continuing to push on the edge of platforms and architectures, in order to deliver its customers products and services which are always more and more innovative.

Welcome to Lockless · Sep 10, 2017

Lockless S.r.l. is born with the aim at becoming an Italian reality of excellence in the context of IT services and computing systems. The company is born from the decennal experience of the HPDCS research group, which has operated across the Sapienza and Tor Vergata universities in Rome. As an innovative Start-up, we believe in the possibility to realize well-suited products, which can respond to customers’ needs with no hassle to the business process. This...


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